Mr.Chikuyu Yamamoto

Mr.Chikuyu Yamamoto

Inspired by the talented Master Chikuzan Takahashi,

Chikuyu Yamamoto started to play the shamisen as a teenager.

He studied Tsugaru-Shamisen and Tsugaru-style folksong under Mr. Eizan Takahashi and Mrs. Kumoe Sudoh and quickly became a master of the Tsugaru shamisen..

Creative and talented performer and producer, Mr. Chikuyu Yamamoto's activities are various from producing music concerts to seeking the possibility of the fusion of traditional folksongs around the world.

while playing this traditional instrument, Mr.Yamamoto also tries to incorporate different styles to add to his music. He is now leading his own group "Chikuyu-Kai" for studying and holding concerts world-wide and His mastery of the shamisen is gaining popularity internationally.